Watch_Dogs – Single-Player DLC Releases Today

Well, you gotta love Ubisoft. The company has not been able to fix the PC version but that didn’t stop it from releasing its planned SP DLC for Watch_Dogs. Because, after all, this DLC will bring more money to them. So why fix a broken PC version of a game that has already sold enough copies? Exactly.

This Single-Player DLC costs $6.99 and packs three missions. In addition, this pack features the Auto-6 pistol, as well as new outfits (the South Chicago outfit), bonuses, perks and boosts.

Here are more details about the three new missions:

The Palace – Infiltrate the home of an Internet mogul before the police can raid it and find information on Aiden and Dedsec on hard drive. Break in, wipe the drive and make your escape before the raid begins. Oh, and don’t forget to take out the mogul. You wouldn’t want him telling anyone what he knows.

Signature Shot – Aiden is a fan of new toys. Such a fan that he’s willing to break into a Viceroy stronghold for one. A shipment containing a biometric weapon has been smuggled into Chicago. It will only fire for the first person to imprint his palm on the handle. Make your way through the stronghold and steal the weapon before anyone else has a chance to imprint it. The Biometric Rifle is perfect for long-range attacks, but it’s high rate of fire makes it a choice weapon for when the fight is a bit closer.

Breakthrough – Part driving, part assassination, all mayhem. The Chicago South Club is meeting with some corporate CEOs and it’s up to Aiden to put an end to their dealings. Scramblers have been hired, so you’ll have to track down their vehicles and take them out before you can locate the secret meeting area and eliminate everyone in attendance.