Wasteland 2 – New designers to help at $2.5 million, mod tools at $3.0 million

inXile Entertainment has revealed some new details about their future plans for Wasteland 2. According to a recent update in their Kickstarter page, the developers will bring some new designer to help them if they hit the $2.5 million goal. Let us remind you that Obsidian’s Chief Creative Officer, Chris Avellone, will help in the development of the game if the Kickstarter campaign hits the $2.1 million mark.
Moreover, inXile Entertainment is planning to add mod tools to the game if they hit the remarkable milestone of $3.0 million dollars. To create these kinds of tools is time consuming and requires a separate team of guys to do it and that’s why they will not be included otherwise. At least not at launch.
As inXile Entertainment said:
“While we are not ready to commit to that feature yet, we can say that if we were to hit 3 million dollars,  it would be possible to do a mod kit  without cutting into the plan for the main game.  In fact, IF we ended up making the mod kit we would not release it until after Wasteland 2 shipped as our hands will be quite full to ensure things are done well.  The game will also increase in scope as well so this is not a binary equation.”
Those interested can visit its Kickstarter page and back it up. There are 12 days left and $1.9 million dollars have been pledged so far.