Warren Spector was going to create a Command & Conquer RPG game; would love to see a Deus Ex HD Remake

Deus Ex is one of the classic PC games. A game that most PC gamers love and would like to see returning. And even though Human Revolution was a worthy successor, it did not have the same impact as the original had a couple of years ago. Truth be told, a HD remake of Deus Ex would be awesome and it seems that we are not the only ones wishing for something like that. Warren Spector, the man behind this PC gem, would also love to see a HD remake of Deus Ex.
When asked about a HD remake or re-release of Deus Ex -in a video interview with Game Informer – Warren Spector said that he’d love to see that happen:
“Well the thing is that I work for Disney now so it’s not like I can make a remake of Deus Ex but I certainly talked to plenty of folks about it. You know, if you’re really cool to update the graphics, and the sound, and the user interface, and controls, and everything. I mean, I’d love to see that happen.”
Warren has also talked about a lot of cool things regarding Deus Ex’s development. Warren spoke of things you already knew about Deus Ex, such as the game’s levels, the mods that have been released for it, and the idea – the holy grail – behind their decision to offer gamers the ability to choose how they want to play the game.
What you didn’t know is that a lot of people mispronounced the game’s title, that the PS2 version had custom code that it would make the PC version run multiple times faster if it was recompiled with it, and that Warren was about to create a Command & Conquer RPG game before he joined and started creating Deus Ex.
As Warren said, when he left Origin and set up an independent gaming studio, he was this close to sign a deal with Electronic Arts to do a Command & Conquer role-playing game. Warren had a contract on his table and just when he was about to sign it, John Romero called him and offered him a job at ION Storm. Romero had successfully convinced Warren to join Ion Storm and that C&C RPG never came to fruition.
Too bad we didn’t get such a C&C title. But then again, we are thankful that Warren decided to join ION Storm and create Deus Ex. Now someone go ahead and make a HD remake for it. The potential is there and it will be ‘such a shame’ if Deus Ex doesn’t get a proper HD remake.