Warner Bros: No plans for Mortal Kombat PC BUT we have been gauging interest about it

Warner Bros sent us a press release for Mortal Kombat’s Komplete Edition and what’s really interesting is that the company decided to pick a side and inform us whether Mortal Kombat would actually hit the PC or not. Given the fact that some other triple-A fighting games are on the PC (or coming), someone would assume that both NetherRealm and Warner Bros would gladly jump on the PC-wagon, right? Well, it seems that this acclaimed part of our beloved fighting series won’t hit our platform anytime soon, however there is still hope.
In the press release, Warner Bros stated that although there are no plans for Mortal Kombat PC, the developer and the publisher has been gauging interest about this. If we read between the lines, we can see that there will actually be a PC version of it in the near future. After all, Warner Bros will be – kind of – forced to release it if SFxT proves to be successful on the PC.
Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection was also released on the PC, and our guess is that it was an experimentation for MK9 PC. And believe us, we know. It had major issues and Warner Bros should be informed about them. I mean, seriously now? Not being able to adjust the directional keys? Get your facts together Warner. That should be a top priority feature for the PC version.
So, let’s hope that Mortal Kombat 9 – if and when it comes to the PC – won’t be plagued by those idiotic decisions that are present in Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection!