War Thunder – Five Million Players Registered In A Year

War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment has announced that its next-gen MMO combat game War Thunder, that recently won Gamescom’s Best Simulation Game award, is celebrating two monumentous milestones. It’s been one year since the Open Beta for War Thunder has been cleared for takeoff in Russia, with the international launch following in January, and in 12 months over 5 million players joined the universe to mix it up in aerial dogfights piloting the most deadly WWII planes in history.

Over the course of one year almost a hundred new planes were added to the game alongside with new, exciting modes and improvements. War Thunder was released in Steam and became the first Russian game announced for PlayStation 4 and the next generation of consoles.

Anton Yudintsev, CEO of Gaijin Entertainment said:

“To those who have served, and to those who continue to step up to answer the call of duty in War Thunder – we salute you! In your honor Gaijin Entertainment is organizing Golden Battles on November 3rd and 10th – this is a good chance for all players to improve their balance and get a unique decal to decorate their planes!”

Over five million players already know the enjoyment of raining down aerial destruction via the PC-version of War Thunder and this fan base continues exponential growth. War Thunder is currently in Open Beta on PC, in development for Mac OS and Oculus Rift and will be a PlayStation4 launch title.


Happy Birthday, War Thunder!