Volumetric Fog Shadows and Blood mods released for Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Jindra1403 and dDefinder have released two cool mods for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The first one enables Volumetric Fog Shadows, making the game look better and more realistic, whereas the second introduces blood decals that will spatter on walls and floors.

Going into more details, the Volumetric Fog Shadows mod is not using the default Volumetric Fog (e_VolumetricFog) that players could enable via CFG. While Volumetric Fog looks kind of cool, it is unfortunately homogeneously spread over the whole map (in buildings as well) and is present in any weather and time of day, always in the same amount and colour.

Instead, this new mod works with the regular fog that the game normally uses and just turns on its “volumetric” (deferred) shadows. The effect is therefore only visible when it’s foggy weather and sun casts shadows through the fog.

On the other hand, the Blood mod adds blood decals that will spatter on walls and floors, that will appear from weapon hits that bypass armor, when taking health damage and not stamina damage. Works with arrows, unarmed and all melee weapons.

As the modder noted, this Blood mod is more of a proof of concept project right now and there are some bugs with it. For example, Blood decals  may sometimes not appear even after conditions are met, Blood decals may blur at certain angles and Blood decal may sometimes appear doubled (might not be that noticeable).

Still, we believe that all Kingdom Come: Deliverance will find them cool so go ahead and download the Volumetric Fog Shadows from here and the Blood mod from here.

Have fun!