Viking: Battle for Asgard Is Now Available On Steam, No High Res Textures, Plagued With 30FPS Cap

We bet that most of you were looking forward to the PC version of Viking: Battle for Asgard. Well, the good news is that the game is currently available on Steam and comes at a relatively low price (12.99 euros). The bad news is that its framerate is locked at 30fps. Well, thanks for your effort Hardlight but this is not what we’ve been looking forward to.
It’s ironic because the game’s description reads that Viking: Battle for Asgard Viking on Steam will re-invigorate the game for 2012 with outstanding visuals taking full advantage of modern gaming hardware. Players can scale resolution, use anti-aliasing and other graphical effects according to the power of their PCs, for a truly stunning graphical experience. Did you notice something crucial here? Yeap, the company responsible for this port did not improve the game’s textures at all. Not only that, but PC gamers will have to use a number of effects in order to improve the game’s visuals. Thank God for that sharpening filter on SweetFX Shader Suite.
Viking: Battle For Asgard also supports play via gamepad, and includes fully re-mapped keyboard-and-mouse controls for PC gamers.
And did we mention that is capped at 30fps? Oh we did? Well let’s remind you that the game is capped at 30fps.
Thanks Hardlight for porting a game after four years, but no thanks!