Vampires! Demo Is Now Available – Steam Greenlight Campaign Initiated

CBE software has released a free playable demo for their upcoming independent video game called “Vampires!”. The playable demo consists of 16 levels and is offered as a free download for PC and Mac. In addition to downloadable versions, this demo can also be played directly in a web browser. Moreover, Vampires! is now on Steam Greenlight and awaits for your approval.
Jan Kavan, director at CBE software said:
“We would like to announce that we’ve submitted Vampires! to Steam’s Greenlight. We believe that by experiencing the gameplay, players can more easily decide that they want to support us. We are extremely proud to show how our game plays. Not only it’s a lot of fun to play but it can be also quite challenging if players decide to go for medal awards. We can’t wait to hear what the gaming world says about Vampires!”
In Vampires! your goal is to save vampires by safely leading them through the labyrinth to their crypts. To do so, you can rotate the labyrinth parts to create new paths or use garlic-based repellent and spider-net slowdown to prevent vampires from walking into peril. Many traps are indeed lurking for the poor vampires. Starting with simple ones like pure light, things get more complicated down the road. Mobile wooden stakes, silver gun bullets, hired assassins or crazy garlic sappers wait impatiently to vaporize your vampires once for all.
Vampires! wil be released in Q4/2012 for PC, Mac, iOS and Android!
Vampires! Launch and Gameplay trailer extended