Valve’s Marc Laidlaw Responds To Recent “Half Life 3 Will Never Release” Rumour

A new rumour surrounding Half Life 3 surfaced yesterday, suggesting that even though the game’s script has been completed, it won’t be ever released due to fear. Naturally, fans contacted Marc Laidlaw who decided to respond and comment on this recent Half Life 3 rumour.

As Marc Laidlaw said, this is most probably someone trolling as “anonymous sources have been posting speculation masquerading as inside knowledge since the Half Life 1 days, and that fear is the last thing that would ever drive a decision about what to work on.”

Marc Laidlaw also addressed the “Story and script are complete” rumours, claiming that the Half Life 3 story cannot exist outside of the game.

“The story is created through the process of trying to figure out how to best use the features of the engine within the interesting set of constraints it poses. The story is part of the game. It doesn’t exist as a separate script that is handed off to game designers which they are expected to somehow make compelling through puzzles and combat.”

Thanks Reddit