Valve’s Marc Laidlaw Regarding Half Life 3’s Appearance In Steam Database: “It Ain’t Us”

As we’ve already said, the appearance of Half Life 3 in Steam’s database confused us. After all, its title did not include the dash (something that was present in all previous Half Life games). And according to Valve’s Marc Laidlaw, that entry had nothing to do with Valve.

In order to find out whether this entry was legit or not, a fan emailed Marc Laidlaw and asked him whether he was able to clarify things. Marc Laidlaw replied, claiming that this entry had nothing to do with Valve, meaning that some other developer or publisher may have created it.

Theorists fans will say that Marc Laidlaw is simply trying to do some damage control after that leak. Truth be told, that entry name made it clear that something fishy was going on.

In short, Half Life 3 has not been confirmed yet. And to be honest, we don’t expect Half Life 3 to ever be released, especially after what happened during these past few years.

Here is hoping that Valve will surprise everyone and that it will, one day, reveal it.

Thanks NeoGAF!