Until I Have You – Story-Driven, Fast-Paced, Retro-Aesthetic Platformer with a Cyberpunk Setting – Releases Next Month

Adventure Advocate’s Fallen Angel has informed us about Until I Have You; a story-driven, fast-paced, retro-aesthetic platformer that features a Cyberpunk setting. Until I Have You is being made by a single person, and will be released on April 4th on Steam.

Created by James Spanos, Until I Have You promises to feature 12 Chapters of immersive story-telling with beautifully pixelated environments.

Regarding the game’s story, here is what James had to say:

“This is the story of the ARTIST, a talented assassin, who has worked many dirty jobs in a long and successful career. Finally heeding the pleadings of his wife, he has decided it’s time to quit this ugly business and live a simple and peaceful life. However the ARTIST’s clients know he is irreplaceable, and are unwilling to allow the craftsman to hangup his tool belt. They send him this message by kidnapping his wife, Emily, and make it clear, retirement is not an option! The ARTIST is determined to get his wife back, and prepares himself for one last assignment. He understands to be successful he needs to go all out, and he procures a rare exoskeleton suit. Although this provides him with additional powers, it also can cause hallucinations and affect his judgment. “

Here are the key features of Until I Have You:

  • 12 Chapters of immersive story-telling
  • Beautifully pixelated environments
  • Fast paced action
  • Over 60 unique Enemies and 12 Boss Fights.
  • Rich and Diverse Settings (both in gameplay mechanisms and visuals)
  • Fully Voiced Dialogues
  • Gritty Cyberpunk Atmosphere
  • Keyboard & Controller Support

Enjoy the following trailer and screenshots!


Until I Have You (Windows, Linux) - Official Trailer