Unstoppable Gorg – Microsoft approves the game on XBLA; PC the best platform for Beta phase

Futuremark has just informed us about the latest information regarding their upcoming tower defense game, Unstoppable Gorg. According to the company, Microsoft has approved their Unstoppable Gorg proposal for worldwide release on Xbox LIVE Arcade. This means that Unstoppable Gorg is ‘a go’ for XBLA.
On the other hand, the company revealed why the beta of the game is currently available exclusively on the PC. According to Futuremark, it is not very practical to open up the beta to XBLA or iPad because of the type of beta they are currently running.
As the company stated:
“One of the (many) great things about Steam is that Futuremark can update the game whenever they want to. The processes involved with Xbox LIVE and the App Store would just slow them down and that’s why the beta is not possible at this stage on both XBLA and iPad.”
Additionally, Futuremark will be frequently updating the beta:
“We are aiming to update the beta through Steam once a week. But even this was not enough for our programmers who put together a rather awesome system that lets us change unit properties such as health, rate of fire or range remotely without needing a Steam update. We are collecting a huge volume of game stats from every session played. We can analyse these stats daily to see where the balance needs to be tuned, and then push new unit settings to the game automatically.”
To join the beta, players can either sign up on the Futuremark forums or ‘like’ the game’s Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/unstoppablegorg – where Futuremark will be giving away beta keys every day for the next few weeks.