Unreal Gets A New Unofficial Patch – OldUnreal’s Patch v227 Released

Ah, the good old classic Unreal. Such an amazing experience, even for today’s standards. Actually, in some ways its better than today’s games, given the fact that it is not as a scripted mess as most modern-day FPS titles. On the other hand, the storytelling is awful but who really cares, right? Back then it was all about the eyecandy graphics, the incredible AI, the mesmerizing levels, the gorgeous characters and the combat mechanics. But anyway, if you want to relive those moments, you can do so with OldUnreal’s latest patch that brings various technical improvements to Epic’s classic FPS.
Before getting excited, this patch does not offer any essential upgrades to the game’s visuals and it sure as hell is not a high-resolution texture pack. Therefore, most of you won’t notice the additional features that will be implemented to it. Still, the improvements that have been made are noteworthy, and we highly recommend using it.
Those interested can read the release notes for all the features that have been added/imrpoved here (be warned, they are all techy and such, meaning that you might not understand all of them) and download the patch from here.
Special thanks to RPS for spotting it!
Unreal 1 with high resolution textures - 1080p - HD