Unreal Engine 4 Elemental Tech Demo Ported To DirectX 12, Available For Download

Even though Windows 10 and DX12 have been available for a while, there haven’t been enough tech demos to showcase what this new API is capable of. And that’s sad because DX12 is being advertised as something really revolutionary.

Well, even though Crytek and Epic Games have not released any DX12 as of yet, has ported Unreal Engine 4’s Elemental Tech Demo from DX11 to DX12.

Those interested can download this DX12 tech demo from here.

As CryZENx noted, this custom DX12 version gave him a performance boost over the original DX11 version.

However, we do have to note that the TOD (Time of Day) seems to be different between these two versions as we can see in the following images (on the left is DX12 and on the right is DX11).



Unreal Engine 4 [4.9] Elemental Demo DX12 + Download link