Unity Engine Gives CryEngine 3 A Run For Its Money, Raindrop Teaser Looks Spectacular

Raindrop Studios released today a teaser trailer for its upcoming surreal, environment driven, first-person survival game, Raindrop. And let’s be honest here; this teaser looks really great, especially considering that it is coming from a small team. At first glance, we thought that Raindrop was using Crytek’s proprietary engine. Imagine our surprise then when we found out that the engine behind it was not CryEngine 3 but Unity 3D.
Raindrop is still in early development and promises to include fully explorable levels, with intuitive and complex puzzles, backed by a horror themed story line.
Players will immerse themselves into a twisted and horrifying world, while actively experiencing a slew of emotions and deeper thought processes than most titles out on the current market. Raindrop’s artistic direction will combine several degrees of intellectual game play into a theatrical story driven experience where the environment comes alive.
There is no ETA yet, and the only confirmed platform so far is the PC.