United Front Games On Sleeping Dogs Sequel, Reasons Behind Creating Triad Wars, Engine Improvements

During a recent Reddit AMA, United Front Games’ developers revealed some interesting new details about this new upcoming PC-only online game. In addition, United Front Games’ devs talked a bit about the sequel to Sleeping Dogs, as well as the reasons behind creating Triad Wars.

According to Justin Bullard, producer of Triad Wars, the development studio decided to create this game because it wanted to expand on its universe and offer something to all of its fans. And contrary to initial reports, Triad Wars is not the next part of the Sleeping Dogs franchise. Instead, Triad Wars is an expansion of Sleeping Dogs.

“Triad Wars is an expansion to the Sleeping Dogs universe – it’s a universe that we love and are extremely proud of. This game gives us the opportunity to do something new and exciting. There were a lot of factors that went into choosing to do Triad Wars. Mostly it came down to being overwhelmed by the positive reception to Sleeping Dogs and really wanting to continue to expand that universe.”

While Triad Wars was originally described as a PC-only online game, United Front Games confirmed that it will be a Free-To-Play game in which you will play with other players asynchronously. This basically means that everyone plays on one server but since it’s asynchronous you’ll be competing against a smaller set of players at any one time.

But what about Sleeping Dogs 2? After all, that’s what most of its fans have been waiting for. As Justin Bullard claimed, United Front Games wants to continue to expand Sleeping Dogs’ universe. The fact that Triad Wars is coming to PC does not exclude a sequel to Sleeping Dogs.

When a fan asked United Front Games about the sequel of Sleeping Dogs, this is what Justin Bullard replied:

“Nothing to share on that right now, but we will take every opportunity to explore this universe.”

Justin Bullard also talked a bit about the engine powering Triad Wars. As Justin claimed, Triad Wars is powered by an upgraded engine and while the game is coming at this point on the PC, United Front Games wants to bring it to – pretty much – all platforms.

“Our hope is to get this game on everything. We’ve spent a lot of time upgrading the engine and making tech improvements to ensure we are able to get it running on any platform. So while it’s PC for now…stay tuned.”

Triad Wars’ Closed Beta registration is now open, so be sure to sign up in case you’re interested in it.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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