Ubisoft will add a Field of View slider to The Division 2 via a future patch

Ubisoft has announced that it will add a Field of View slider to The Division 2 via a future patch. Although we don’t know yet when this FOV slider will be added, and even though I personally had no issue with the camera, we do know that Ubisoft will eventually implement it.

Ubisoft has also detailed the game’s next server update (this update does not need to be downloaded from PC gamers and will be automatically applied to the game):

  • Progress blockers like “Talk to the Division Coordinator” / “Talk To that Person” will be addressed.
  • Daily and Weekly Projects that are not resetting (They are not resetting when you are not online)
  • Clan XP progress:
    • If a player with stuck CXP stays in the clan, then any missing CXP/progression will be applied to their clan after the fix is deployed on their next login.
    • If a player with stuck CXP leaves and rejoins the clan, then they will be able to earn CXP/progression again immediately, but any missing CXP/progression will be permanently lost. Source
  • Group Scaling when you play with a different leveled player is also not working as intended. The NPC tuning is wrong – they are doing to much damage. This will be changed but it will not fix all the issues. There is also a problem with item scaling because a green item buffed to level 30 has not the same stats as a high-end item on level 30. But this needs a client patch

For the next proper game patch, Ubisoft plans to address the rest of the Skill-reset issues, the rest of the group-scaling issues, the issue that could cause your character to suddenly look different, and it will restore all the lost skins.

Last but not least, here are all the other features that, alongside the Field of View slider, Ubisoft plans to implement in The Division 2.

  • Autorun on console will be added
  • The color of clan members Names will be changed (it will not be yellow anymore)
  • Strobe lighting will be addressed
  • Field of View slider will be added
  • The scaling of the Skill Mods and how you can equip them in the World Tiers are being looked into