Ubisoft: “If we didn’t care about PC, we wouldn’t bother making our games work on it at all”

Assassins Creed IV Black Flag

All hell has broken loose yesterday when Videogamer reported that Ubisoft does not care for PC optimization. As we said when we reported that story, that quote seemed to be taken out of context and it appears we were right. As an Ubisoft employee commented on that story, Ubisoft actually cares about the PC. After all, as Ubisoft’s employee claimed, the company wouldn’t bother making its games work on the PC platform at all if it didn’t care about it.

As UbiGabe commented:

“You don’t lead with optimization, that would be crazy. You lead by trying prototypes to see what’s possible, knowing that over the course of a two or three year development cycle, technology will change considerably.

If we didn’t care about PC, we wouldn’t bother making our games work on the platform at all. That would be not caring.”

But what about our findings? Videogamer was kind enough to link to a NeoGAF story that was dedicated to our Performance Analysis, and UbiGabe had this to say about it:

“In regards to the Neogaf complaints, we’re aware of these issues and are working to correct the ones we can as quickly as we can. With the great variety of PC hardware available, issues arise that you don’t see until post launch (you see this with consoles too, even though the hardware is fixed/static), and while this is regrettable, it’s unavoidable.”

Now this could very well be an attempt at damage control and nothing more. After all, we asked Ubisoft about the game’s multi-threaded CPU capabilities and were reassured that the game would take advantage of more than two CPU cores.

Still, it’s good to know that Ubisoft is looking into this so here is hoping that the team will be able to fix it.