Ubisoft: Beyond Good & Evil 2’s Pre-E3 Image Was Not Meant To Be A Teaser

Beyond Good & Evil 2
One of the few titles that were absent from this year’s E3 was undoubtedly Ubisoft’s sequel to a long forgotten title, Beyond Good & Evil. Most of us believed that Ubisoft would be bringing its sequel to E3 2013, as the French company uploaded on its FB page – a couple of days prior to the launch of this big event – an image with one of the game’s characters, Pey’j.
Unfortunately, Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot stated that the image that was uploaded was never meant to be a teaser.
In an interview with GamesBeat, Guillemot said that people misinterpreted that image and Ubisoft’s intentions:
“That wasn’t meant to be a tease. It was just part of our promotion in the run-up to E3 – homaging some of the characters from our past. I think that was maybe misinterpreted.
Of course you have to wonder why would a company homage characters from franchises that can be considered ‘dead’. For example, what would everyone’s first thought if id Software teased Doom’s logo in order to promote its QuakeCon event? That’s right, a possible reveal of the new Doom that is rumored to be under development. Common sense is common sense.
Guillemot concluded:
“I think the first game was exceptional, and people remember the experience they had, so they would like to see it again. We had a period where we had a demo that went out before it was quite ready, so everybody saw something that appealed to them. That’s why I think they keep expecting something. But I can’t say much more than that.”
Reading behind words, this could mean that we may see – one day – Beyond Good & Evil 2. Don’t hold your breath though as Ubisoft is currently focused on other projects and BG&E2 is – obviously – not among them!