Ubisoft asks PC gamers to show interest about The Division, petition almost hits its initial goal

The Division
It seems that Ubisoft wants to promote a possible PC version of The Division in a really clever way. During this year’s E3, the French company announced that this great looking game would be coming on XBOne and PS4. Even though it did not rule out other platforms for a future release, the company stated that it was currently focused on the console versions.
However, during Machinima’s interview the developers of The Division said that a PC version will be made if there is a demand for it. The devs said that PC gamers should go ahead and ‘sign petitions, get on the forums and post their requests‘.
There is already a petition for The Division PC that has almost hit its initial goal of 7500 signs. We don’t know the amount of signs that are needed for this petition to be successful, but we are pretty sure that a petition that has been signed up by 10K PC gamers is a pretty good number.
Those interested can sign up the petition here.
Truth be told, though, we are a bit puzzled by Ubisoft’s strategy. The French company was satisfied with Far Cry 3’s sales on the PC, and it claimed – in the past – that the PC is its lead development platform. Therefore, it’s a bit odd that this MMO game – and since its an MMO, it almost felt a given that it was suited for the PC – is not officially coming to the PC.
Did Ubisoft suddenly change its strategy? Is PC not anymore the company’s lead development platform? Or is Ubisoft trying to promote the PC version of The Division via a cheaper way, while at the same time present ‘fake excuses’ for a possible delay?
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