Tropical Skyrim Mod Transforms Skyrim Into Far Cry 3/Crysis

Skyrim v7
We’ve featured some screenshots of Tropical Skyrim in some of our weekly Skyrim galleries, but this is the first time we’ve seen this mod in action. This mod was released yesterday and as its description reads, it is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s climate, from a snowy wasteland to a tropical paradise.
Skyrim now features lush jungles, scortching deserts, sandy beaches, bamboo forests, fiery volcanic areas and much more. In addition, each of these areas also come with new animals, new lighting, and new weather. Almost all the animals and monsters have been replaced as well.
Tropical Skyrim is currently available and can be downloaded from here.
Skyrim Mod Feature: Tropical Skyrim

★ Skyrim Mods Series - #155 - Tropical Skyrim - A Climate Overhaul