Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power – Beta Linux & Mac Versions Available, New Windows Update Released

Frozenbyte announced today that the 3D action-platforming game, Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power now has a Mac and Linux BETA version available. In addition, Frozenbyte released a major update for the Windows version, which includes numerous bug fixes and optimizations.

Here is the changelog for Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power version 1.02.

v1.02 (build 3060) – October 5th, 2015
Windows v1.02 patch and Linux & OS X BETA release

* Fixed some rare crash issues
* Fixed memory leak issues with AI navigation mesh data

* Batched model particles to single draw call
* Optimized AI navigation mesh data sizes

Online multiplayer
* Added a failsafe logic if online multiplayer game server doesn’t respond so that game wouldn’t jam into “Refreshing…” window
* Fixed issue where game used Local Area Network (LAN) for online games if Steam/GOG login failed

* Fixed and tweaked lots of small gameplay issues in all levels
* Fixed some broken AI navigation mesh data in various levels

Player characters
* Fixed issue where crouching could cause movement stuck
* Tweaked player character skills
* Tweaked player wall jumping so that exploiting wouldn’t occur
* Tweaked surface jumps from water (now instant, not delayed)

* Fixed issue where wallhead projectiles cut Zoya’s grappling hook
* Fixed issue where ALT+TAB could result missing characters
* Tweaked new level indicator in playable map scene
* Tweaked Trineangles visual deletion to be instant instead of delayed

* Fixed infinite looping effects when owner object had been already deleted

* Added hardware cursor to be in use by default (can be changed from options.txt, InputModule::OSCursorVisible)
* Fixed cursor hide/show issues when using ALT+TAB
* Fixed cursor hide/show issues in general
* Fixed input disabling/enabling issues during cinematics
* Fixed Nvidia Shield Controller issues

* Fixed duplicate data in level’s checkpoint menu
* Fixed game console issues (console can be opened from F8 button)
* Fixed incorrect tooltips when using user binds
* Tweaked level’s checkpoint menu (automatically scale to correct size)

Save & Load
* Fixed end boss issues if player quit the game during the end boss and resumed game later on

* Fixed incorrectly awarded achievements in online multiplayer game

* Added Finnish text localization!
* Fixed issue where missing localization caused game to be unplayable

* Re-builded PhysX 3.3.3 libraries to fix rare physics issues

* Fixed issues where some of the text didn’t fit to launcher in various languages

Public Editor
* Added “Localization package” option to MOD export so that generating/testing user translated localization packages would be easier
* Added support for enabling or disabling the playable map for MODs (check MOD export dialog)
* Fixed issue where playable map was enabled on MODs
* Fixed missing keyboard shortcut info in HELP window

* All v1.02 (Steam and DRM Free) builds are online multiplayer compatible with this build (check the version number from game’s main menu)

Linux & OS X known issues
* Rendering: When using full screen and smaller resolution than desktop resolution, black borders appears and image isn’t scaled to full screen
* Rendering: Fog at the start of The Astral Academy is brightly yellow coloured
* Rendering: Water is flickering near the big watermelon in The Three Heroes – Pontius level
* Rendering: Some of the lights’ and glows’ edges are visible e.g in the The Astral Academy
* Rendering: Anti-Aliasing causes subtitles to clamp together
* Rendering: Graphics glitching when underwater in Academy Outskirts
* Rendering: The Chronicles of the Guardian page turn effect is upside down (fixed already internally, fix will be added to next build)
* GUI: Keyboard tooltip texts goes outside of the tooltip graphics
* Launcher graphic settings doesn’t change all rendering settings internally for the game (game isn’t that optimized as it could)
* Crash: Linux: Segmentation fault when exiting the game (happens to some users)
* Binds: Linux: Xbox360 gamepad is not usable is you delete user binds manually
* Binds: Linux: Xbox360 gamepad “START” button doesn’t work
* Binds: Linux: Xbox360 gamepad X and Back buttons don’t work on “Join an Online Game”
* Binds: Linux: Steam controller doesn’t work perfectly
* Binds: Linux: Amadeus (Wizard) accurate levitation upwards with gamepad doesn’t work
* Binds: Linux: Show previous hint bind doesn’t work
* Launcher: Linux: Launcher’s highlight for controllers is not properly visible
* Launcher: Linux SteamOS: Drop-down menus don’t work properly
* Launcher: OS X: Cancel button doesn’t actually close the launcher, the process still stays in the background (normal X close works)
* Binds: OS X: Xbox360 gamepad binds doesn’t work by default

Common known issues
* Some voice overs are still missing for various languages