Torchlight 2 will receive a small closed beta

With Diablo 3 just around the corner, we began wondering what was going on with its major competitor, Torchlight 2. And here is some awesome news for all those interested in Runic Games’ upcoming action ‘hack n slash’ RPG. According to the developers, a small closed beta is currently planned for it, though we don’t know yet when it will be launched.
As Runic Games tweeted when they were asked about a possible beta phase of Torchlight 2:
“small closed beta is planned.”
Moreover, this small closed beta won’t be for the family and friends only like it was on Diablo 3. Therefore, Runic Games will announce the sign-up pretty soon.
In other news, Runic Games revealed that the game won’t be released simultaneously on PC and Mac, because┬áRunic Games is a┬árelatively small team. According to the devs, once the Windows version ships & is all set, they’ll focus on the Mac port.