Tom Clancy’s The Division will receive official DirectX 12 support next week

As you may already know, Ubisoft experimented with a DX12 renderer in the PTS build of Tom Clancy’s The Division. However, PC gamers were disappointed when they found out that this renderer was not included in the previous PC patch for The Division. Well, good news everyone as official DX12 support will be coming to The Division next week.

This upcoming PC patch will be released next week that will add official DX12 support. In addition, this patch will lower performance impact with high CPU usage, will fix the issue that caused the loss of character controls and will fix  issues with controllers on PC.

As Ubisoft claimed:

“This patch will also activate DirectX12 which should provide better optimization for higher resolutions. Please note that there is a known issue with DirectX12 where you are not able to change the brightness. “

According to early reports, the game’s DX12 renderer was running as good as its DX11 renderer (at least in the PTS build). Therefore, it will be interesting to see whether Ubisoft has made any additional improvements to it.

Stay tuned for more!