Tom Clancy’s The Division – PC Graphics Settings From Beta Build Unveiled + Comparison Screenshots

The beta phase for The Division starts in twelve days, and its PC graphics settings have been unveiled via YouTube’s ‘Alobordo’ (who already got access to it). As we can see below, PC gamers will be able to tweak lots of options (and yes there is an option to disable Chromatic Aberration).

Here are the PC graphics settings that will be available in the beta phase testing of The Division:

Vsync (on/off)
Frame Rate Limit (on/off)
Shadow Quality
Shadow Resolution
Spot Shadow Count
Spot Shadow Resolution
Contact Shadows
Post FX AA
Temporal AA
Sharpen Image (%)
Particle Detail
Enable Wind-affected Snow
Volumetric Fog
Reflection Quality
Local Reflection Quality
Sub-surface Scattering
Anisotropic Filtering
Parallax Mapping
Ambient Occlusion
Depth of Field
Object Detail (%)
Extra Streaming Distance (%)
Chromatic Aberration (on/off)
Lens Flare (on/off)
Vignette Effect (on/off)

According to Alobordo, the PC beta build ran with 55-65fps on a single GTX650Ti and an Intel i5 CPU (clocked at 3.1Ghz).

Alobordo has also released another video, comparing the game’s Low and Ultra settings.

Since Alobordo has disabled the embed code, we went ahead and screen-grabbed the images for you. Do note that these comparison screenshots are from the beta build and not the final build.