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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is free to play until June 17th, Key Features revealed for Title Update #4

Ubisoft has announced that the free weekend for The Division 2 is a go. PC gamers can go ahead, download the game from UPLAY or Epic Games Store, and start playing with their friends for free until Monday June 17th at 05:00 PM UTC / 07:00 AM UTC.

According to the team, all Standard Edition activities are available to players who join in on The Division 2 Free Weekend. This includes dozens of hand-crafted missions, organic open world activities, three dangerous Dark Zones, and dedicated PVP modes in Conflict.

“Players will climb through a robust leveling experience, expanding narrative, and looter elements to find an evolving end-game experience waiting for you.”

In addition, Ubisoft has also revealed the key features that will be coming to Title Update #4. This update will go live next week (though we don’t have an exact date yet).

Signature Weapon Balancing

It was reported by the community, that the Signature Weapons do less damage on PTS. That is not intended. The goal is to buff the Signature Weapons to make them viable in the game.

Gear Mod Change

  • Generic Gear Mods could be stacked so that one or two stats are too strong. That has been addressed so that you can’t equip Generic Gear Mods on high-end gear anymore. They are intended for the campaign and not for the endgame.
  • There were six Gear Mod Types before and that has been reduced to 3: Damage, Utility, Defensive. There are no longer System and Protocol requirements on the mod-slots. Now you just fit damage mod to damage mod-slots. That makes it easier to equip the mods.
  • That means you can use the Generic Gear Mods in the campaign and replace them at a fast frequency. Once you hit endgame it is easier to equip the mods that you get, because there are fewer requirements.

Visual Update for Named Items

  • They wanted to add more lore to the game at launch and that is why they added the named weapons.
  • The named weapons have a designated name and lore to them, but they follow the same stat-rules of normal weapons.
  • To make them more special – they got a visual upgrade so that they are more interesting.

New Exotic Holster

  • The first exotic gear item will be added to the game with Update 4: “Dodge City Gunslinger’s Exotic Holster”
  • You have to buy a blueprint from the vendor and collect the crafting materials in a small quest.

Improvement to Weekly Invasion Rewards

  • If you are at GS 500, you get GS 500 items from them as rewards.
  • Same applies to Hard and Challenging Named Enemies

Aux Battery Mods

The icon of the mod will now match the Skill

Blueprints Shared across characters

Not scheduled for Update 4 – but it is on their radar.

Known Issues

Bullet Registration in Shooting Range

This is still work in progress – there are no new updates about this at the moment.

Immunity to damage in PVP while using MedKit

They are aware of that issue and it is being investigated

First Week Raid Patch

Some players did not get the first-week raid completion patch. A partial fix is implemented now, they are working on a full fix

Some players can’t craft GS500 Exotic weapons

They are aware of that issue.