Enter the Gungeon is free this week on the Epic Store

Another Thursday, another free PC game. Following short on the heels of Kingdom: New Lands, this week the Epic Store has Enter the Gungeon by Dodge Roll studios on offer for the same price as a free toaster. For the unfamiliar, the Epic Store has a partnership program with developers in which a new free game is on offer every week.

If you enjoyed playing The Binding of Isaac, this game should be right up your alley. Enter the Gungeon is also a procedurally-generated dungeon crawler in which you, the player, gets to play as one of four, cute little pixelated protagonists. While there are over 300 different permutations of guns you can unleash on the bullet-shaped enemies, be sure you master that dodge-roll since the later rooms can get stupidly difficult.

Fortunately there is a co-op mode in which your friend can join you in fighting bullets with bullets. There are also boss battles waiting to test the player’s skill at wielding the impressive arsenal on offer. You can learn more about the game and see some gameplay from an article John wrote in 2016.

This game is yours to try and/or keep until the 20th of June when the next free game, Rebel Galaxy, will premier. We will be sure to post a reminder, and you can find the link to the Epic Store here.