Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Brand new 3v3 limited event, called Showdown mode, now available

Ubisoft released today a new mode for Rainbow Six Siege called Showdown. This is a limited-time mode and it will be available until July 16th.

This mode features a new map called Fort Truth. There will be thirty one exclusive items to collect in this mode. The items will be obtainable only in this mode but you can use them even after the end date.

This a classic lawmen vs bandits 3vs3 mode and you can pick between five different operators for each side. All of these operators have completely different load-outs compared to the base game. Also the HUD elements are limited. You will not be able to see on HUD your health, ammo or even crosshair.

I love the wild west theme but I don’t think it is enough to draw me back. Of course for players who still playing the game this might be a nice change of pace.

For more details you can visit Ubisoft’s page: Showdown at Fort Truth

Here is also some gameplay footage:

New Gameplay Today – Siege's Showdown Mode