To The Moon Is Now Available On Steam And Comes With A 20% Discount

Freebird Games’ acclaimed adventure game To the Moon has launched on Steam with a 20% discount through September 14th. The game is available for $7.99 with the discount, as well as in a $9.99 bundle which includes the original soundtrack. Two bonus tracks are also added to the OST, including an alternate version of Everything’s Alright by Laura Shigihara.
Those who have previously purchased To the Moon from Freebird Games’ website are eligible to request a Steam key, by emailing order ID # to
To The Moon is an indie RPG/adventure , about two doctors traversing through the memories of a dying man to fulfill his last wish. To The Moon was released back in 2011 via the company’s website and features 2D, old-school, lovely visuals that will be appreciated by all SNES fans.
Laura Shigihara - Everything's Alright

To the Moon - Trailer