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Titanfall 2 has sold very well even though it did not meet expectations, update 1.10 is now available

During its Q3 2017 investor conference, Electronic Arts revealed that Titanfall 2 has sold well. Even though the game did not meet EA’s original expectations, it still sold very well. What this means for the future of the franchise remains to be seen. Will we get another Titanfall and if so, will EA invest on it?

In related news, Respawn has released a brand new update for its title. This patch brings some weapon tweaks and changes. For example, the recoil for Flatline has been reduced and damage and magazine size have been increased for Wingman Elite.

Last but not least, this patch fixes a bug with Tone’s Particle Wall taking more damage when aiming at a Titan behind it, and fixes highlights appearing cutoff when supersampling is enabled on the PC.

The Titanfall 2 update 1.10 will be auto-downloaded from Origin the next time you start the client, and you can find its complete changelog below.



  • Two will be available right away and both have prism variants you can buy for 1500 credits.



  • Increased view kick and hipfire spread for R-101 and 201.
  • Reduced recoil for Flatline
  • Arc grenades now stick to a surface and explode after .75 seconds.This applies only to multiplayer. Arc grenades will function as they previously have in single player.
  • Mozambique and Wingman Elite can now be equipped as Primaries.
  • Mozambique is now automatic, has 2 more shots, and fire rate has been increased.
  • Damage and magazine size increased for Wingman Elite.
  • Turrets now have increased health and take more damage from Pilot weapons [2x damage from AT weapons, grenadier weapons, and Ordnance abilities. 3x damage from primaries]


  • Northstar: Now moves slightly faster using Hover and Cluster Missile speed has been increased.



  • Score limit increased to 650.
  • Time limit increased to 15 minutes.
  • Adjusted AI compositions.
  • Reapers are now worth 3 points

Frontier Defense

  • Arc Traps now cost $650.
  • Amped Batteries now cost $400
  • Join in progress players now receive money for each wave completed.
  • Players will now have 5 seconds of invulnerability after jumping out of a dropship.
  • Fixed bug with arc traps staying after a loss or after they get picked up and replaced.

Private Match

  • Aegis XP can now be earned in Private Match


  • Reapers now take more damage from Pilot weapons [2x damage from AT weapons, grenadier weapons, and Ordnace abilities. 3x damage from other primaries]
  • Increased health to 3500 from 3000.
  • Increased projectile speed and accuracy [this makes them a little better against Titans]
  • Reapers now dodge less frequently.


  • Grapple now has one charge and recharges faster.
  • Holopilot cooldown decreased to 12.5 seconds [from 16.6 seconds]
  • Pulse Blade cooldown decreased to 25 seconds [from 40 seconds] and the pulse duration is decreased to 4.5 seconds [from 6 seconds].

NEW FEATURED MODES – These will be introduced at a later time as part of the rotation of Featured Modes.

  • Tactikill Attrition: All tactical cooldowns are reset to full charge when killing an enemy Pilot.
  • Attack on Titanfall: Everyone has 3 charges for Grapple.
  • The Great Bamboozle: Everyone has Holopilot.


  • Fixed bug with Tone’s Particle Wall taking more damage when aiming at a Titan behind it.
  • Pilot loadout menu will now properly display weapon skin name in the description area.
  • Player callsign cards in Frontier Defense will update to the proper difficulty in the Network interface.
  • [PC ONLY] Fixed highlights appearing cutoff when supersampling is enabled.