TimeSplitters Rewind gets official teaser trailer, targets a 2017 release date

Cinder Interactive Arts has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming CRYENGINE-powered remake of TimeSplitters, TimeSplitters Rewind. Timesplitters Rewind is a standalone multiplayer game being developed by fans of the original Timesplitters series, featuring characters, maps, and weapons from all three games completely rebuilt.

The team targets to support up to 16 players, and the game is currently planned for a 2018 2017 release. Cinder Interactive Arts did not reveal the platforms for which this new TimeSplitters game will be released, though it’s almost a given that the PC will be among them.

TimeSplitters Rewind will not be re-using the assets from the previous TimeSplitters games. While Cinder Interactive Arts has  the original assets, it is using them as its concept work in order to build new assets that should stand up to current industry standards.

Enjoy the teaser trailer and stay tuned for more!

TimeSplitters: Rewind - (Teaser Trailer #1)