THQ Closes, SEGA Acquires Relic, Koch Media Gets Volition, Vigil Games Goes Down

THQ v2

Man, what an exciting afternoon it was. Yes, unfortunately THQ has been shut down and it’s really sad witnessing such a publisher going down. However, most of the company’s assets have been succesfully acquired by other companies, so there is nothing to worry about. Unless of course you’re interested in a new Darksiders 2 as Vigil Games was not sold to anyone and if THQ does not find a seller in the coming months, the studio will most probably close.
So, it appears the rumor about SEGA acquiring Relic Entertainment was true after all (and the rumor about the studio’s closure was not). On the other hand, Koch Media acquired Volition (Saints Row series) and the Metro IP, meaning that Metro: Last Light will be released on March without further delays. Or at least that’s what we hope.
Crytek has purchased the Homefront IP (this comes as no surprise as they are already developing its sequel) and Electronic Arts Take-Two has purchased the WWE IP. Could this mean that WWE could make its appearance on the PC platform? Seems plausible.
Take-Two Interactive, on the other hand, has purchased Evolve (Turtle Rock Studios’ new game) while Ubisoft has acquired the rights of Obsidian’s South Park: The Stick of Truth and THQ Montreal.