This Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order mod adds 50 skins/custom textures to the game

It appears that the first mods are coming out for Respawn’s latest Star Wars game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This mod collection adds 50 skins and custom textures to the game, improving/changing Cal’s appearance.

To install this mod, you’ll have to install resorep prerequesites first. Then, you’ll have to¬†hook the starwarsjedifallenorder.exe with resorep and select 64-bit. You’ll then have to put the modded folder in documents/resorep. Afterwards, you can choose the .dds files of pant, t-shirt and poncho that you want to add in modded folder.

Here is what this mod collection contains:

Mods that improve Cal appearance:

  • New Cal face
  • Arm and neck tattoos
  • New hair color
  • Improved eye color

Mods that can replace the default outfit:

  • Tatooine t-shirt and pant
  • Black-red retro pant
  • SW blue legends pant
  • Green fire pant with black boots
  • Blue dragon t-shirt
  • Gold dragon t-shirt
  • Red sknake t-shirt

Mods that can replace the default poncho:

  • Black dragon poncho
  • Imperium poncho
  • Yoda poncho
  • Skull poncho

Mods that can be unlocked by collectibles:

  • Predator poncho
  • White tiger poncho
  • Gorgora Poncho
  • The nun poncho
  • Hidden BD-1 appareance

In order to showcase this mod, veironn has also released the following video. I suggest watching it if you want to see some of the new skins/textures that this mod brings to the table.

This Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Skinpack mod is around 200MB in size you can download it from here.

Have fun!

Star Wars Jedi fallen order Skin Pack Mod Trailer