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This mod will turn The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim into a real-time strategy game, demo released

DisgruntledWombats is working on a pretty interesting mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Skyrim RTS Mod Revamped. As its title suggests, this mod aims to bring RTS elements into Skyrim with a Campaign – as well as separate battle ‘modes’/maps. The modder and his team aim to release this mod in 2020. Furthermore, there is a demo that you can download and test right now.

The demo comes with two maps. Map 1 is where you play as Imperials against Stormcloaks. It will allow you to build your bases buildings (via the activators next to the stone bases), and should have enemy units come towards your base (give it roughly 3-6 hours in game time + Ulfric (RTS Ulfric, not the original) needs to be alive.

On the other hand, Map 2 is where you play as Stormcloaks against Imperials. It has the recruitment office building activator, proper unit spawner images, should allow you to recruit units as followers.

Lastly, the final version promises to have upgrades, more buildings and objects to build. It will also have mining resources, destructible buildings, cut-scenes and more.

Skyrim RTS Mod Revamped sounds really promising and appears to be one of the coolest mods for Bethesda’s RPG. Thus, we really hope that the its team will be able to complete and release it. You can download the demo from here.

Have fun!