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This mod for Skyrim allows players to destroy 900+ objects, destructible buildings coming in future

Modder ‘FriendlyAnt’ has released a pretty interesting mod for Skyrim. As its title suggests, the Destructible Objects Mod adds destruction data to a number of Skyrim objects so that players can destroy them.

According to its description, this mod makes combat more tense since you have to watch where you aim, otherwise you might destroy something valuable. Not only that, but you can also destroy doors so that you can enter buildings without using the Lock Picking skill.

Right now, this mod adds 900+ destructible objects. All 86 flora objects can be destroyed, as well as furniture (bedrolls, beds, chairs, forges, enchant & alchemy tables) and moveable static objects (like human bones, city banners, campfires and water wheels).

Here are all the destructible objects that are currently featured in this mod.

Ingredients: All Ingredients, Approx. 94.

Keys: All Keys, Approx. 238.

Soul Gems: All 17 Objects.

Flora: All 86 objects.

Furniture: 300 Objects.

Examples: Bedrolls, Beds, Chairs, Forges, Enchant & Alchemy Tables, Tables.

Moveable Static: (167 objects so far)

Examples: Human Bones, City Banners, Campfires, Water Wheels, Giant Campfires.

Doors: (32 so far)

Those interested can download the Destructible Objects mod for Skyrim from here. It’s also worth noting that in a future version, FriendlyAnt may add destructible buildings:

“The inside models aren’t complete.

I don’t know of any matching model parts to add on in cell editor, and it wouldn’t change people being able to access buildings through the walls, but unable to leave the same way.

It wouldn’t make any sense for a building to only be able to be destroyed from the outside.

So the only option is to re-create each building using other vanilla assets so that you can access it without loading times, and can destroy it from the outside and inside.

I really don’t like using CK, maybe I’m missing something, but it’s difficult to achieve symmetry when making buildings.

So one would have to do it in person (as in create misc objects, that have the same vanilla models of static objects, add in destruction data and use Jaxonz positioner to move each item into place).

I will try my hand at Breezeholme, but probably won’t do any other buildings etc.”