Fallout New Vegas feature

This mod for Fallout: New Vegas aims to fix the micro-stutter issues and high framerate bugs

Fallout: New Vegas is considered by many as one of the best Fallout games of all time. As such, we are presenting you today a mod that aims to completely fix the game’s micro-stuttering and high framerate issues/bugs.

According to modders Carxt, Tgspy, lStewieAl and c6 , this mod focuses on three major components; Tick Count bug, Common Code Inlining, and a High FPS Fix.

Tick Count is a bug that creates incredibly noticeable micro stutter issues. Not only that, but this bug is more likely to occur on better hardware, meaning that most PC gamers will experience it.

On the other hand, Common Code Inlining aims to help performance and decrease load times. To achieve this, the modders have fixed bits of code from the vanilla game that were quite intensive.

Last but not least, the High FPS setting fixes some bugs and glitches that could occur with high framerates. Therefore, this option allows you to play at framerates over 60 without the need to worry about the game’s physics or lipsync. However, do note that this option is disabled by default (so you’ll have to manual enable it).

In short, this is a mod that all Fallout: New Vegas fans should be using. It’s also worth noting that the mod is compatible with Windows 10.

You can download the NVTF – New Vegas Tick Fix mod from here.

Have fun!