This mod finally allows you to permanently kill zombies with one headshot in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 Remake is a truly amazing game. However, we can all agree that it was really annoying when zombies were not dropping dead after a headshot. I mean, we’ve seen this happening in the cut-scenes so why is it not happening in the actual game? Well thankfully, there is a mod that allows you now to headshot zombies.

Created by modder Ferrazbaixista, this mod lets you permanently kill zombies with one headshot. Thus, all you have to do is aim at their heads and shoot them. Of course that’s easier said than done.

Furthermore, all of the enemies’ weak points are now weaker than before. According to the modder, this will provide a more realistic experience.

On the other hand, though, ammo is more scarce and there aren’t a lot of healing items. Again, this change aims to provide a more realistic experience than the one featured in the vanilla version.

Naturally, we suggest using this mod in your second playthrough, and not in your first.

You can download the Headshot Mod for Resident Evil 2 Remake from here.

Have fun!