These 5.5GB mods for Skyrim introduce new 8K textures that were made with 3D Scans

Modder ‘winedave’ has released a brand new texture pack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This 8K Texture Pack features new landscape textures that were not included in his previous texture packs. Moreover, these textures were created with 3D Scans for optimal results.

As a bonus, I’ve also included below all the other texture packs from winedave. Basically, you’re looking at a texture overhaul that weights around 5.5GB.

Going into slightly more details, the Septentrional Landscapes mod improves the game’s landscape textures. The other packs also improve the textures for beach, shore and ocean floor textures. Moreover, they improve Blended Roads textures, snow textures, mountain textures, and Mossy Whiterun Stonefloor.

For those that want to reduce the size of this overhaul, the modder has provided 2K and 4K versions of his textures. However, we suggest downloading the 8K versions for the best visual results.

In order to showcase the new landscape textures, the modder released the following screenshots.

You can download the Septentrional Landscapes texture pack from here. As for all the other 8K Texture Packs, you can download them from the modder’s NexusMods page.

Have fun!