The Witcher 2 PC Version 2.0 Detailed

Since its announcement, we’ve been wondering what would CD Projekt RED include in this enhanced and advanced version of their acclaimed RPG, The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings. Well, today we bring you the first details about it. The Witcher 2 PC Version 2.0 will sport among other things over 20 new tech advancements, a host of new gameplay enhancements, as well as some interesting new features.
One of the things that players criticized about The Witcher 2 was its tutorial system. Well, this will be fixed as CD Projekt RED will include a brand new tutorial system on the enhanced version. In addition, a new difficulty setting will be introduced. Dark Mode – as it will be called – will be almost as challenging as insane but it will allow players to save the game and will introduce some new items that will be called ‘Dark Items’.
The third new feature of the 2.0 version will be the Arena Mode, a new arcade-style game mode where players can test their skills on multiple enemies and gain more experience points and better gear.
Last but not least, this new version will include all 9 DLC Packs that the company has released so far, is going to be free for all those who purchased the original version and comes out on September 29th.
Enjoy the following developer diary – courtesy of GameTrailer!