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The Steam Autumn Sale 2019 has already started

The Steam Autumn Sale has started today and will end on December 3rd. That means anyone who is interested in buying any of the numerous games on a sale, will have about a week to do so.

Many interesting titles are now on sale. Christmas is less than a month away, so I’m pretty sure most of us, will find something interesting to purchase for ourselves or for someone else.

If you don’t, do not worry, because another sale will take place on December 19th. We will make sure to remind you.

Personally I was hoping for a price drop on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, but since it is a recent release it didn’t happen. Well, here’s hoping it will on the winter sale. At least Gears 5 is on sale.

Also according to the tweet, you will be able to nominate games for Steam Awards and get a badge.

You can also take a look at the previous Steam sales history here.

Thanks PCGamesN.