The Secret World – Beta registration and phase one of The Secret War experience is live now

Funcom has just announced that the first phase of The Secret War experience is now live. This first phase allows you to access a brand-new personality test that will let you find out what secret society you are most suited to join, or you can simply choose one of the secret societies as you see fit. After making your choice you get to register as a member of that secret society. This also functions as the official beta registration for The Secret World.
In addition, the company revealed some new details about the second phase of The Secret War. This second phase will introduce players to a web-based community game where they can perform various actions on a global map in order to expand the influence of their secret society and climb within their ranks.
One of the activities players get to do is recruit friends directly from Facebook. Friends who join the same secret society as you can become your agents, which in turn can be deployed in countries on the global map. This will expand your secret society’s influence in that country, and it will help you climb through the ranks of your society!
Players will also access unique content every week — such as screenshots, artworks and articles containing information about the game — that can be shared as ‘propaganda’ with your friends, further expanding your secret society’s influence and allowing you to climb through their ranks.
Those interested for the beta can sign-up at the game’s official site.