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The recent Red Dead Redemption 2 and Bloodborne PC rumours are fake

A rumour surfaced earlier this month, suggesting that Red Dead Redemption 2 would be announced for the PC on April 22nd. However, and as I’m pretty sure you are all already aware of, that date has already passed and there hasn’t been any announcement yet about a possible PC release of RDR2.

This rumour originated from 4chan. 4chan’s member BL3LKR claimed that the game was meant to be announced for the PC on April 22nd and that it would come out in June 2019. The same member later claimed that Super Mario Odyssey would be coming on the PC, and that Bloodborne was also meant to come out on our platform. Furthermore, all these aforementioned games were supposedly meant to be releasing exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

Since it’s been more than five days since April 22nd, I believe it’s safe to say that this was a false rumour. As such, and given the fact that this 4chan member wasn’t credible at all when it came to RDR2, we can also assume that the Bloodborne rumour is also fake (BL3LKR claimed that his Super Mario Odyssey “prediction” was a test, however we can now say that all of his predictions were fake).

Now I do have to say that a timed-exclusive release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on the Epic Games Store does sound possible (that is of course if the game does hit the PC). After all, Take-Two is already releasing Borderlands 3 as a timed-exclusive on Epic’s digital store. However, it still remains a mystery when this open-world title will be ported on the PC.

So yeah, while it could be possible to see Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PC, the official word – at least for now – is that the game is exclusive on current-gen consoles with no plans to bring it to any other platforms. Moreover, all these recent rumours have been proven to be false, so we wanted to let you know about it (in case some of you were still wondering about them).