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The ransomware attack at Capcom has compromised player information

Last week we informed you about Capcom being a victim of a cyberattack. Ragnar Locker, the group responsible for the attack, claimed they have stolen one terabyte of files. The attackers demanded eleven million dollars in bitcoins for a decryptor.

According to the initial press release from Capcom, no customer information was breached at that time. However, and according to the recent press release, some customer information has been compromised.

This information contains customer names, birthdates and emails of the North American Capcom store, and esports website. According to Capcom, information regarding credit carts have not been compromised. This is because Capcom is using a third-party service provider.

However, Capcom cannot yet confirm the full scale of the attack. Meaning more information might have been compromised. Capcom is working with US and Japan authorities, and also an outside security company, in order to solve the problems created by the cyberattack.

According to the leak, Capcom plans to release Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 on the PC. Furthermore, the team targets an April 2021 release date for Resident Evil Village. Not only that, but Capcom is also working on a new multiplayer game, codenamed SHIELD, that will release in 2022.

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