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Capcom has been hit with a cyberattack

Capcom announced that their servers have been hit with a cyberattack. The attack took place on November 2nd. In order to prevent the attack spreading, the company proceeded in halting portions of their corporate network.

According to Capcom, the attack initiated in the morning of November 2nd, and some of their networks experienced issues. The cyberattack affected access to certain systems, which includes email and file servers.

Capcom has confirmed that it was an attack by a third party, and some operations of the internal networks have been halted due to the attack.

While Capcom has not disclose any details regarding the cyberattack, a security researcher found a ransomware sample. The ransom note is from a group called Ragnar Locker, who claims to have stolen one terabyte of files.

The ransom note contains several screenshots of stolen files, which include employee termination agreements, Japanese passports, Steam sales reports from August, bank statements, and more.

Lastly, Ragnar Locker demands eleven million dollars in bitcoins for a decryptor.

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Thanks BleepingComputer.