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The next Battlefield game, Battlefield 2023, is planned as a hero shooter

The removal of classes and the inclusion of Specialists was one of the most controversial decisions in Battlefield 2042. And, from the looks of it, EA and DICE will expand on this. According to industry insider Tom Henderson, the next Battlefield game is planned as a hero shooter.

As Henderson said, the next BF game (let’s call it Battlefield 2023 for now) will not remove Specialists. Instead, DICE will enhance them as the game is scoped as a hero shooter.

This will obviously disappoint a lot of Battlefield fans. And, to be honest, it seems that this franchise has completely lost its identity. Instead of improving on what made Battlefield… Battlefield, DICE is trying to copy what other shooters have done.

As said, the removal of classes is something that disappointed a lot of BF fans. Hell, even die-hard BF fans have criticized this decision. And after the lukewarm reception, some BF fans hoped that DICE would learn its lesson. However, EA and DICE are all in on this new take of BF.

What this also means is that DICE will not re-implement classes to BF2042. I know some BF fans hoped DICE would listen to the fanbase so that it could correct its mistakes. Well, that’s not going to happen.

Before closing, we should note that Battlefield 2023 is in an early development phase. As such, things may change. Realistically, though, things will only change if BF2042 completely flops. The game has been losing a lot of players lately. So, if this continues and the game bombs harder than Anthem, DICE and EA may reconsider things!