Lord Of The Rings Online Update 6: Shores of the Great River Is Now Available

Warner Bros have released the latest major Update content for their MMO game that is based on The Lord Of The Rings. LOTRO Update 6 comes with a new region (Great River), as well as a new epic story. Players will have to travel to Lothlórien to seek Galadriel’s wisdom after experiencing troubling dreams. They’ll have to investigate the grim tidings along the Great River but should also be prepared as the evidence may point to a foe more terrible than their darkest nightmares.
Update 6 sports a new feature, called Soldier on Landscape. This new feature allows players to summon your faithful skirmish companion in the field. Players can also customize their skirmish soldier to help them tackle even the toughest challenges.
Moreover, the Instance Finder has been reworked. Instance Finder will soon allow players to queue for the specific instances and skirmishes that they want to do. Players can also choose to change loot rules and remove players with a fellowship vote. The rewards are being enhanced, too, granting additional XP for skirmish completion and scaling currency bonuses for when they queue for a larger range of instances.
Lord of the Rings Online Update 6 Trailer