The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – ThuuMic Mod; use SHOUTS with your MIC and see them happening

Admit it; when you started playing Skyrim, you wanted to shout the Fus-Ro-Dah and see it happening. So, get ready because there is a mod that let’s you use shouts with your microphone. Damn straight right. You can now become the Dragonborn and start shouting in front of your PC monitor. You can find a video demonstration and the download link after the jump.
There is a slight lag between the shouts and the action, but it’s still better and cooler than simply using the keyboard. Hopefully, a new version of this mod will reduce the lag but call us impressed as this is something that Bethesda should have implemented in the first place.
Those interested can download ThuuMic Mod from here. And we really had to share its screenshot that shows Dovahkiin using a MIC. It’s priceless!

Skyrim Mod - Thu'uMic v0.2 with actual inputlag (off screen) - Use SHOUTS with your MIC!