RAGE – PC Level Editor and Patch Still Coming

Remember when John Carmack tweeted that a new patch for RAGE PC would be made available? Well, it’s been two months and we haven’t seen it yet. Not only that but we haven’t seen the level editor that was supposed to be included in the final version of RAGE. Speculations begun spreading; did iD Software abandon us? Well, apparently not as we have some brand new information about the state of both the level editor and the promised patch, so keep reading.
iD Software tweeted some days ago that the level editor is still coming and has not been cancelled:
“it’s still coming and we should have more information soon”
That’s good but what about the patch that would fix the blurry textures? Our sources tell us that it’s almost finished but iD Software wants AMD/ATI drivers to “get more stable” before releasing it. This basically means that the PC patch with the bicubic-upsample and detail texture option is currently on hold.
Oh, and forget the rumored Texture Pack that would include all of the game’s lossless textures. It is not happening guys, plain and simple!