The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – New Teaser Trailer for AaGeOn’s HQ Texture Pack

So you want the best HD Texture Pack for Skyrim? Get ready then as AaGeOn’s Texture Pack looks mind-blowing. This texture pack will cover most of Skyrims current textures with a much higher resolution textures(4-8x bigger). No stock photo’s or any other photographic material will be used as AaGeOn is creating everything from scratch and hand edit all the Normal maps until the desired effect is reached. In addition, AaGeOn sketched out every texture and built it layer per layer and that’s why the Texture Pack is not ready yet as it takes more time than editing photos. The result however is total freedom in creating the textures and from the looks of it, this is the Texture Pack that all of you have been waiting for. Enjoy the teaser after the jump!