The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – “HD Retexture Landscape” marks a new age of visuals for Bethesda’s RPG

Now that’s what we’ve been waiting for. Contrary to the first HD Texture Packs that got released earlier, modder Z4G4 went ahead and re-textured most of them in higher resolution. Now don’t get the wrong impression; these new textures are not the originals, re-touched with noise or any other sharpening tools. No my friends. These are brand new HD textures that are miles better than those of Skyrim vanilla. Or to put it simply; this is how the PC version of Skyrim should look in the first place. Download link and comparison shots are bellow and we dare you; take a good look at them and tell us that you are not impressed. Come on, go ahead, don’t be shy!
Z4G4 has changed many (80%) landscape textures with high definition textures to 2048x2048px resolution but tried to stay faithful to the original. His next version (v1.0) will have superceded all textures and I’ll add the 1024x1024px resolution.
You can download Z4G4’s Landscape Texture Pack from here.
Enjoy the following comparison shots!